Alamiah Body Oils offer a taste of the tropics with natural exotic bodycare products. Balinese Body Oil, Salt Scrubs, Bath Salts, Scar Balm, Natural Bug Spray, Aromatherapy, Organic ingredients and Pure essential oils.
















"Natural Body Oils For Your Practice...

Alamiah is from the Balinese, meaning 'natural', and her products are true to their name...Her signature Balinese Body Oil...(has) a compelling, exotic scent that appeals to both women and men. I used this elegant oil to give a massage - my client spent the rest of the day enjoying the way her skin felt and smelled. The scent was never overpowering; the light textured oil allowed for firm contact with the skin and didn't leave an uncomfortable residue...I also sampled the Cocamint Crème Shampoo, the brilliant Balinese Oil Salt Scrub, and the healing Mango Gingermint Facial Scrub - awesome for spa treatments and gifts."

~ Massage Therapy Journal ~ book review Editor Lisa Mertz, PHD, LMT

"I just wanted you to know that my face hasn't looked this good in YEARS!!! I've been using the oil on my face daily since about 2 weeks after I got it, sometimes twice daily. No flare-up of the rosacea at all. In fact, when I've accidentally eaten some of the foods that trigger major flare-ups, nothing has happened!! YEE HAW!! I did start gradually - applying it to my face only once every 2-3 days - just in case it did provoke problems. When it didn't, I increased to daily. No problems for about 6 weeks of consistent use now, which qualifies it as a winner, in my book. P.S. My granddaughter (3 1/2) thinks it smells 'Sooo yummy!' I do too!"

Jenny Meadows, Austin Texas
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"My niece who lives in Dallas/Ft Worth gave me some Baliana Nights Body Oil for Christmas and absolutely wouldn't be without it now. A wonderful product, keeps my aging skin nice and juicy."
~ M.C. of Moberly, MO

"As an airline pilot traveling the globe, I am exposed to some of the harshest conditions for skin. Alamiah Body oil has miraculously preserved the moisture in my skin for a full day of flying. After years of trial, this is the only product which has my total confidence to keep my dry, rosacea prone complexion in check. Thank you."
~Dave M.

"I bought your products last year and I loved them. I have very dry skin but after using your oil it looks healthy and nourished. I used your Balinese Oil all through my pregnancy and my skin healed so good that stretch marks are not noticeable. I also bought the shampoo and it worked wonders with my hair. It is so refreshing and leaves hair so soft and manageable with a nice scent. The face scrub was one of my favorites, but my baby just turned a year and is on that stage where he grabs everything he can get a hold of. Unfortunately he was able to reach my mango face scrub and broke it. I am planning on going to your upcoming holiday show this weekend...and buy these three products again."
~ Esmeralda M., Dallas TX

"I noticed such a difference in my hair when I ran out of your shampoo! I love not having to use conditioner, and how it makes it feel so soft!"
~ Glennetta of Dallas, Texas

"LOVE your shampoo. Really good stuff! It has worked amazing wonders on my dry ends, but I can still skip a day of shampooing without my hair looking greasy."
~ Peggy G.R., Dallas, Texas

"I have fallen madly in love with your oils...the saltscrub has really almost changed my life. It's completely changed my skin and I am so grateful."
~ Karen Turner, Dallas, Texas

"Your oil was not greasy at all and felt very nice on my skin, especially when applying it after a shower before completely drying off. I have very dry skin and nothing I have ever used has made my skin feel that soft."
~ Caren Diamond, Dallas, Texas

"I use the oil on my face after shaving. I never take a shower without using it afterwards."
~ Brad I.,  Mckinney, TX


"I leave (the oil) in my hair overnight in braids for deep-conditioning before I shampoo when I want my hair to feel soft. Of course, it makes it smell wonderful too."
~ Kathryn Collop , Dallas Esthetician

"After working in the garden my hands were dry and cracked. I tried many different lotions but your oil was the only thing that helped heal my dry cracked skin!"
~ Ida Haines, Terrell, TX

"I mix a drop of this oil into my face cream for additional moisturizing and to make it smell good."
~T. Imel, North Texas

"I tried your body oil and liked it a lot-it was much less oily than I expected, and the next morning, my skin didn't feel oily at all. Felt pretty good actually! I had been using Aubry Organics Collagen & Almond lotion, but I like your product better. The other product never really seemed to absorb into my skin. In fact, in the shower, I could still feel it washing off when it got wet. I also tried a commercial brand which I didn't like at all that really burned my skin. I'm a good test case for you as I have hyper-sensitive skin."
~G.J.R. of Richardson, Texas



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