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What we put on our skin can be absorbed into our bodies.

     One example of this is in trans-dermal drug delivery applications such as nicotine patches. The epidermis is continually releasing toxins and is also able to absorb nutrition. Some common ingredients found in skin care
products include mineral oil, propyls (petroleum solvents) synthetic dyes, and chemical preservatives. Look at the warning label on a bottle of rubbing alcohol. Many of these ingredients have toxic effects if taken internally.  Why use these products on the outside of your body when you would never dream of using them on the inside?

Science is slowly coming full circle as it looks to nature for the answers.

     As the Earth becomes more polluted, we yearn for what is pure, simple and natural. There is an increasing demand for products that incorporate real herbs, fruits, vegetables and other familiar items from the garden as ingredients in skin care. Alamiah Body Oil is packaged in glass and in Earth-friendly PET plastic, a very rigid plastic able to retain and not absorb essential oils, known for being recyclable; the next best thing to glass.

There are many health benefits to using ingredients that nourish the body both inside and out.

    Good fats and oils are crucial to maintaining health, energy and beauty. Every cell in your body has an outer lipid layer. This fatty acid barrier is crucial to separate the water soluble contents of the cell and the liquid outside the cell, to maintain correct pH and electron charge balance. When we deprive ourselves of good oils these cells are also deprived and our bodies can suffer on a cellular level.


Coconut oil is high in lauric acid, a disease-fighting fatty acid found only in tropical oils. (Please see the Links page for more info on this.) Alamiah Body Oil contains a less processed type of coconut oil hand-pressed from the islands, which has an even higher source of this essential fatty acid.

Almond oil, used in ancient Rome to beautify skin and treat injuries.

 Grapeseed oil, a good source of vitamin E, also makes an excellent addition to the diet and cooking.

Cocoa butter has been used for eons to get rid of stretch marks; and

Indonesian Spices have been valued for thousands of years as well, for the numerous reasons mentioned on our Home page.

Essential oils (the very lifeblood of the plant) have been used in aromatherapy to heal the body and mind in many parts of the world for as long as humankind has harvested plants. Many pure essential oils have been found to  emit high frequencies in megahertz, a measurement of energy; which is responsible for the healing effect these potent oils have on the human body.

These are just some of the benefits of the real foods and plants that make up Alamiah Balinese Body Oil, excellent for nourishing the largest organ we own, our skin.



~ This oil has a warm, earthy and exotic, yet subtle scent, which we have found appeals to both men and women alike. 

~ Most all-natural body oils have a shelf life of approximately 6-12 months. Our oil has an exceptionally long shelf life. There are many combined factors that allow this oil to actually improve with age, if the bottle is kept sealed from air and light after each use. Storing your oil in a dark place helps retain its long shelf life. We spare no expense on the high quality oils, spices, resins and essential oils that go into this unique blend. The making of this oil is a multi-stage process and we do not skimp on the time and labor required to produce what we believe is the finest body and bath oil you'll ever use. 

~ Many people regularly comment on the non-greasy way their skin feels after applying Alamiah Body Oil. Our oil penetrates through the epidermal layers to soften and moisturize dry skin, carrying the healing power of these spices and essential oils with it…

~ People often ask why Alamiah Balinese Body Oil sometimes appears cloudy. Because of the low melting point of some of these very precious and penetrating oils, this product will start to solidify at cooler temperatures (below approximately 67°F). Crystallization of the oil forms on the spices first, spreading upward to the top of the bottle. This is because of its superior quality and is completely natural (and is characteristic of many other excellent natural substances such as raw honey, butter, ghee, etc.). Simply place in a warm area, or hold the bottle in your hand and your own body heat will soon liquefy the oil again.

~ The packaging for Alamiah Body Oils makes for a visually beautiful and appealing product or gift. All of the Alamiah artwork is personally hand painted and designed by the founder.



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